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A Forum for Her
Us TOO Call-In Caregiver Support Group
For the Women Behind the Men Affected by Prostate Cancer

Because prostate cancer can be a couple’s disease, the woman is often subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her partner. A Forum for Her is a regular conference call series (and invitation-only Facebook group) which provides women with important peer-to-peer support.

As group membership grows and participants become more comfortable with each other, we will be looking for volunteers to lead smaller group calls. If you would like to volunteer to help lead a small group call, please email Terri Likowski at or call 877-978-7866. Your involvement would be to lead a one-hour call; it would not require developing the topic or any materials.

Please note that space is limited.

Moving forward, we will also be developing call-in support groups for caregivers who are husbands or male partners of prostate cancer survivors. We recognize the importance of providing forums for support that focus on very specific experiences and challenges that group participants share. In an effort to maximize awareness and attendance, notices for all call-in support programs will be sent to our full email distribution list. Please encourage those you know to join the respective conversations when announced. Thank you!

Contact Terri Likowski at or 877-978-7866 to reserve your spot and to get the call-in information!