Us TOO Volunteers

Affected by prostate cancer? Us too.

Us TOO was founded by—and continues to be governed by—people directly affected by prostate cancer. We’re a nonprofit established in 1990 that serves as a resource of volunteers with peer-to-peer support and educational materials to help men and their families/caregivers make informed decisions about prostate cancer detection, treatment options and related side effects. Us TOO helps to raise awareness for prostate cancer and the impact that it has on men’s health, while advocating to provide accurate and accessible information about all aspects of the disease.

The success of Us TOO is due in large part to the dedication and hard work of volunteers.

Volunteers lead Us TOO support groups and chapters.

Volunteers help to lead the nonprofit organization.

We invite you to explore opportunities to volunteer with Us TOO.

Thank you to all of the Us TOO volunteers!

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