Us TOO has more than 200 Support Groups and Chapters in the U.S. and abroad.

There’s not a well-worn path from a prostate cancer diagnosis to any "best" treatment at any stage of managing the disease. Before making any treatment decisions, it’s very important to invest the time and energy to become fully informed about all appropriate treatment options and the potential management of related side effects. Prostate cancer survivors who attend meetings—sometimes along with spouses/partners—find invaluable information and perspective from their peers who quite often have "been there - done that" relative to their experience managing the various aspects of prostate cancer. The interactive format of a support group meeting is an educational forum that facilitates conversations to exchange information among group members assembled with the common goal of empowering each other with the knowledge that comes from experience.

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If there is no support group in your area, we recommend a call in support group offered through our partners Answer Cancer Foundation (, or our online prostate cancer support community hosted by Inspire at

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Us TOO support group leader resources are being updated to help address the challenges that leaders encounter and to maximize their impact on helping the men and women in the prostate cancer community who benefit from attending an Us TOO support group / educational forum.