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The following information was released by Tulane University: One in six men being treated for advanced prostate cancer experiences a reduced sense of smell and taste, a symptom

McLaren Northern Michigan unveils new radiation oncology technology

PETOSKEY - Rick Wendland has had quite the long journey over the past year and a half. Wendland, who moved to the Harbor Springs area just before the COVID-19 pandemic's onset, was

Patent Issued for Brachytherapy Clip And Applicator (USPTO 10,926,105)

2021 MAR 09 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Engineering Business Daily -- From Alexandria, Virginia, NewsRx journalists report that a patent by the inventors

Medications for enlarged prostate linked to heart failure risk

2021 MAR 08 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Heart Disease Daily -- Widely used medications for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - also known as enlarged

How to choose the best treatment if you have prostate cancer

Men's Health Network WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / -- A Vanderbilt University study is helping men make more informed decisions

Studies in the Area of Prostate Cancer Reported from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

2021 FEB 18 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Cancer Daily -- Researchers detail new data in Oncology - Prostate Cancer. According to news originating from

Exercise, mental health, fitness, obesity, Mediterranean diet, prostate cancer, smoking, breast cancer, minorities, surgery

Exercise and mental health There's no question exercise can benefit mental health, but a new study has found any type of physical activity will do. After analyzing data from more

Study Training Dogs To Detect Prostate Cancer Gets One Paw Closer To A 'Robotic Nose' To Diagnose The Disease, Including Most Lethal Form

MILTON KEYNES, England and LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- New research from a multi-national, cross-disciplinary team of scientists from Medical Detection Dogs (MDD) in

Prostate drug associated with lower risk of Parkinson’s disease

2021 FEB 16 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Disease Prevention Daily -- Taking a particular type of medication to treat enlarged prostate is associated with a

Findings from Loyola University Medical Center Broaden Understanding of Artificial Urinary Sphincter (Use of Surgery for Post-prostatectomy Incontinence)

2021 FEB 12 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Biotech News Daily -- New research on Biomedical Engineering - Artificial Urinary Sphincter is the subject of a

Thomas Jefferson University: An Unexpected, & Novel, Target for Prostate Cancer - Our Biological Clock

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, Jan. 16 (TNSJou) -- Thomas Jefferson University issued the following news:Our biological or circadian clock synchronizes all our bodily processes to the


The following information was released by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine: Written by Lisette Hilton Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers are looking

Data on Cancer Gene Therapy Described by Researchers at University of Hawaii Cancer Center (Progression-free survival of prostate cancer patients is prolonged with a higher regucalcin expression in the tumor tissues: Overexpressed regucalcin ...)

2021 JAN 11 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Cancer Gene Therapy Daily -- A new study on cancer gene therapy is now available. According to news reporting out of

Risk of prostate cancer may decrease with Mediterranean diet: Study

Washington [US], January 10 (ANI): Men with localised prostate cancer who reported a baseline dietary pattern that more closely follows the key principles of a Mediterranean-style

Novel prostate cancer resistance mechanism could be a promising target

Researchers have identified a new mechanism through which prostate cancer cells convert to a more aggressive subtype in response to hormonal therapies. According to the team

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